International cooperation



The inter-Government cooperation program between Vietnam and France on establishing internship training in France was signed on February 10, 1993 and continuously developed so far.

The main content of the program is recruiting Vietnamese doctors (under 40 years old) to be remunerated internship in French hospitals for the following majors: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, O.R.L, Imagery Diagnosis, Optical, Anaesthesy, Psychiatry etc., (normally called FFI program). The selection is partially based on candidates’ French language level with condition that they are capable to work in French clinical bases as well as communicate with French health officers and patients. Therefore, their French level should ensure understanding and communicating in daily as well as specialized French. The lowest French level required is DEFL B1, an official certificate granted by French Ministry of Education which certifies learners’ capability in daily communication. Doctors engage in FFI program shall be fostered with further specialized knowledge through two periods of learning in French language a year, each period lasts after two weeks and then they will enter into an exam to select the most excellent who are to work as internship in France. Doctors who has interned in France under FFI program also have the opportunity to probate for the 2nd time. The registration into the 1st period of FFI program is from July 1 to August 15, the 2nd period is April 1 to May 3 annually.

In order to populate and encourage French studying among personnel of Vietnam Medicine, also to ensure the preparation, selection and receipt young doctors in France within the inter-Government cooperation program on training Vietnamese doctors (FFI), the Center for Cultural Cooperation under Embassy of France also has French training services provided for medical teachers and students. Classes usually open in March annually and end in December. French learning schedule shall be announced annually by February.

International Cooperation