Statistical Analysis in Health Research 2 ECTS


Provide a brief, essentially non-technical introduction to the use of statistical methods commonly used for the analysis of information in health research.



      Elements of planning, implementation and analysis of health research studies using statistical methods.

      Statistical management of systematic and random errors in studies. Analysis to avoid bias and confounding; standardization, stratification, regression models.

      The use of simple and complex analysis, advantages and disadvantages.   Judgment of random variation influence. Estimation, confidence intervals and statistical tests.

The importance of adequate sample size.


Learning methods

Short presentations, lectures, and group discussions. Critical appraisal of published articles. Participants are supposed to read a number of articles before the course. The actual course work will be done during three intensive days.



Written individual exam, multiple choices.



The participant can pass or fail.



Eligibility for studies at NHV.



Handouts on statistical principles and methods for statistical analysis, produced by NHV partly in conjunction with the European Course of Tropical Epidemiology. (About 90 pages). Published articles, 50 pages.


Time and venue:

-         Two and half days from 9th (14.00) to 11th  November 2011

-         Room 317, A1 Building, HMU


Require of the participants:

- To be able to read and understand English documents.

- Knowledge of Stata Software.

- At least 3rd year student and over.