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Research activities


HMU with its prestige as one of the oldest universities and the leading medical university in Vietnam with more than 100 years of history, strives continuously to improve human health by reaching excellence in healthcare professionals training, in research, in applied science and technology, and providing top quality medical expertise for the health sector.

Research activities

Priority of research:

·Solutions for early diseases detection, the perils and intervening measures to take care of community’s health

·Research the applications or passing new technologies, the advanced techniques in support of diagnosing, treatment and preventive.

·Research to find out the products for diagnosing, treatment and preventive with different steps.

HMU’s expectation from internationalisation:

·HMU to be built as a center of applied sciences and a leader in the transfer of healthcare technologies, a driving force for the development of the science of medicine in Vietnam

·Development of cutting edge science such as molecular biology, gene-protein technology, nano-technology, stem cell applications in treatment, and disease prevention

·Promoting research related to basic medicine & science including modem epidemiology, clinical applications, development and transfer of technology, training combined with scientific research, and scientific and technological services.

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