International cooperation

2015-2016 Scholarship of Academy of Research and Higher Education ( ARES) IN Belgium


Within the Programme for International Courses and Training Programmes 2015-2016, Academy of Research and Higher Education (ARES) grants 150 scholarships for participation into the masters and 70 scholarships for participation into the training programmes for young professionals from developing countries

Advanced Masters Programs

-        Aquaculture

-        Traffic Management

-        Public Health-  Health and development orientation

-        Science and Environmental Management in developing countries

-        Management of Natural Resources (animals and plants) in Tropical areas

-        Risk Management of Natural disaster

-        Food Science and Technology

-        Interdisciplinary Medicine

-        Microfinance

-        Protection of Cultivation in tropical and subtropical areas

-        International and Development Economics

-        Development, Environment and Society

-        Public Health Methodology

Training program

-   Information and communication technology in university libraries

-   Geographic information system

-    Healthcare System Management

         + Economic and planning of Healthcare system

         + Research of Healthcare system

-    Innovation of agricultural family

-    Environment and sustainable management of mineral resources


Submission of applications via post or express delivery to ARES before 12th January 2015

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