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International Master of Ophthalmology – Cooperation Program between University of Sydney (USYD) and Hanoi Medical University (HMU)


Within the framework of student - lecturer exchange and education collaboration projects between USYD (one of the most top – ranked medical education institutes all over the world) and HMU (the second biggest university in Vietnam), two competent candidates have been carefully selected for the academic year 2015/17 and granted admissions to study International Master of Ophthalmology,.

Over the past three years, 07 postgraduate students have been totally recruited across the country, and 02 of them who are Nguyen Huu Phuoc and Pham Ngoc Dan Thanh will graduate in 2015.

International Master of Ophthalmology, with distance learning approach, is the first cooperative postgraduate program in Vietnam that is officially recognized by Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

To apply for the program, candidates must submit their Medical Degrees, Orientation Training Certificate in Ophthalmology and 6.5 IELTS.

Students would go through four different subspecialties including Cornea and Anterior Segment Surgery, Glaucoma, Medical Retina and Pediatrics Ophthalmology with full membership of USYD library over 2 years. In terms of theory gaining, students must participate in online classes and complete 3 assignments for each semester under the supervision and evaluation of Sydney lectures as well as strict rules of academic honesty and plagiarism. Practical training activities are locally implemented in Vietnam National Institutes of Ophthalmology and Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital. USYD professors and doctors annually give lectures in Vietnam after each two online semesters to review and update the knowledge base of students as well organize an OSCE to assess the academic results of students at the end of the offline course. To be awarded the Master degree of USYD, students have to complete an international scientific paper which must be validated by USYD and HMU supervisors as well as could be published on peer – review medical journals

USYD lectures including Prof. Peter McCluskey, Prof John Grigg, Dr Constantine Petsoglou and Dr. Caroline Catt from Save Sight Institute, Sydney Eye Hospital as well as Eye Department of Westmead Hospital and HMU representatives including Prof. Pham Trong Van – Vice Dean of Ophthalmology Department and Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hang – Vice Head of International Cooperation Department had carried out an combined operation to organize the scheduled offline course from 30/3-1/4/2015. Besides lectures from teachers, students also gave their own assigned topic and case presentations and defended their graduation research proposals. The examination results are promising and research ideas from students are also highly appreciated.

Lecturers and Administrators USYD lectures, HMU representatives and Master students

At the same time, Prof Peter McCluskey discussed the development orientation for those who want to be a PhD student right after finishing their Master degree and the financial aid to student’s study tour in USYD with HMU representatives. USYD lectures also had a meeting with Pham Ngoc Thach Medical School representatives and Direction Board of Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital to exchange bilateral views on the support to student’s ophthalmology practice there.


HMU International Cooperation Department

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