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Summary of our clinical practice at Hanoi Medical University


During our clinical practice on the Orthopedic section at Hanoi Medical University, we learned many new things and got experiences that will certainly be useful and memorable in our future lives and careers.

We had the opportunity to follow several doctors during their clinical work. At the exam room, we saw many different patients with a broad variety of diagnoses and clinical symptoms. This, in combination with interesting discussions and explanations from the doctors, has given us useful knowledge about common orthopedic conditions.

 Beyond the experiences in the examination room, we also followed the doctors on a number of orthopedic surgeries. Amongst other operations, we saw how a replacement of the hip joint (insertion of a prothesis) is made. We also saw how reconstruction of the Anterior cruciate ligament is done. All four of us agree that this was a fantastic opportunity for us to experience how common orthopedic conditions may be fixed.

Last, but surely not least, we experienced one day at the Emergency department. There we saw the clinical examination and treatment of several conditions that are common in Vietnam, for example suspected Dengue fever.

In summary, all four of us are tremendously satisfied and pleased with our clinical practice at your hospital and with the kind and helpful treatment from your doctors. The experience from your hospital and your country is something that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Best regards,

Amanda Pettersson Joel Ström

Elin Törnroos Nemanja Samardzic



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