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Nguyen Thao Minh, medical student studying in Moscow, Russia.


Hello, I am Nguyen Thao Minh, a Vietnamese fourth-year medical student studying in Moscow, Russia. This summer I had the great opportunity to go through internship in Hanoi University Hospital in my home country.

Even though being a Vietnamese by birth, I live most of my life in Russia and had all my medical training in Russia. Therefore I was completely unfamiliar with my homeland medical system.

I had three weeks of internship in the cardiology department.

I usually start my day by attending the morning meeting where everyone in the department came together and discuss various cases. I really like this part because though it I can find interesting cases to check out in more details for myself later. Also listening to comments from my more experienced colleagues gave me a better understanding of the situations.After that I would accompany a doctor or resident on the morning round to check out the patients, then study medical records.

There were many things I didn’t understand, especially during the beginning of my internship, from the organization of works to the more professional things about cardiology itself. I am totally impressed and by kindness and helpfulness of the doctors, residents, and nurses here who took their time to explain to me.

I also got a chance to get a glimpse of being a fourth year medical in Hanoi.

My internship turned out to be at the same time with the cardiology round of a group of fourth year (the same year with me) medical students from Hanoi Medical University. Thanks to them, I got to turn into a medical student of Hanoi Medical University for some time. I would go to lectures with them, read their textbooks, participate in their discussion of various medical cases. By the end, we became as great friends as we could had I been a real member of the group.

There are lot of similarities in the academic program of Russian and Vietnam, but the students in Vietnam seem to get more practical clinical experience.

Here I could check on more patients than I did in Russia. I got to witness many cases during my internship, from a living picture of all the classical symptoms of ischemic heart disease to an exotic case of multifocal ventricular arrhythmia.

Besides improving my knowledge in medicine, this internship also improved my knowledge of my homeland. I now feel a lot more “Vietnamese” and more in love with my country than I did before.

I would like to express my eternal gratefulness to all the professors, doctors, nurses, residents, and students of Hanoi Medical University. I hope we will have more opportunities to work and learn from each other more in the future.



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