New Rector of Hanoi Medical University visits Umeå University to celebrate 10 years of research collaboration (04-07-2009)
Umeå welcomes new Rector of Hanoi Medical University to celebrate 10 years of research collaboration

This weekend the Umeå Centre for Global Health Research hosted delegates from Vietnam’s Hanoi Medical University – including its new Rector, Professor Nguyen Duc Hinh – at a workshop to mark ten years of successful research cooperation with Umeå University, the Karolinska Institute (KI) and the Nordic School of Public Health (NHV).

Focusing on health and health care transitions in Vietnam, workshop participants reflected on the successes of the formerly SAREC-funded FilaBavi demographic surveillance site, and considered ways forward to ensure continued collaboration between the four institutes.

Set up in 1996 through a partnership between Vietnamese and Swedish public health scientists, the FilaBavi site captures community-level health data that are essential for planning, implementing and evaluating fundamental health services. The site has already provided research opportunities to enable the completion of 19 PhDs through Umeå University, KI and NHV, and during the workshop two new PhD opportunities for Vietnamese students were announced, to be supported by the Umeå Centre for Global Health Research.

Speaking at the opening reception alongside Umeå city council’s Chief Executive, Jan Björinge, HMU Rector Prof. Hinh commented: “This is an invaluable and very productive partnership between Hanoi Medical University, Umeå University, the Karolinska Institute and Nordic School of Public Health. Workshops such as this provide an opportunity to strengthen relationships and consolidate future research plans as new people such as myself take up roles within the participating institutes.”

Professor Stig Wall, Director of the Umeå Centre for Global Health Research, emphasised the importance of field sites such as FilaBavi: “FilaBavi has proven to be a national resource for research and capacity-building in Vietnam, with results carrying strong policy messages. As a member of the INDEPTH family, an international network of field sites in Africa and Asia, FilaBavi has also contributed to many cross-site studies and is therefore helping to broaden our understanding of global health patterns and priorities.”

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