Hanoi Medical University today (14-09-2010)
Many who contributed enormously to the foundation of Vietnamese Medicine are Vu Dinh Tung, Ton That Tung, Hoang Dinh Cau, Pham Gia Trieu, Dang Van Chung, Dinh Van Thang, Do Xuan Hop, Pham Bieu Tam, Nguyen Thuc Tung, Nguyen Huu, and many others.

 With an over 100-year-history and the position of a national prominent university of Vietnam, Hanoi Medical University always defines that international co-operation is an important developing direction in order to develop quickly and strongly with the integration trend of the world.. Up to now, HMU has had large and deeply co-operation relationship with South – East Countries and other countries in the world, such as The USA, Holland, Sweden, France, Japan, Korea, China, Canada… Many co-operation programs and projects were performed and gave a remarkable contribution for the development of HMU.

Besides bilateral co-operation with above countries, HMU also develops  multilateral co-operation with international organizations, such as: World Health Organization( WHO), World Bank( WB), United Nations Fund for Population Activities( UNFPA), United Nations Development Fund(UNDP)… and other non-government organizations, such as: Holland – Vietnam Committee of Health, Pathfinder, REI, MDM… These co-operations have obtained significant achievement.

In recent years, HMU has conducted exchanging lecturers and students with many Medical University and Hospitals in the world, especially with Sweden, Russia, France, Holland, Australia and other countries in area, like Laos and Cambodia.

HMU has concentrated to implement these activities in order to create condition for the teachers to improve ability by teaching activity, treating for the patient abroad, training and helping foreign students who come to Vietnam to study and practice.

Direction of international cooperation of our university in the following years:

-  Improve the works of assisting and managing the check – in and check – out delegations to ensure security and provide convenience for them as well.
-  Continue to intensify bilateral and multilateral cooperation, take advantage of international support for the developing strategy of our university.
-  Intensify, broaden and officialize activity of exchanging lecturers and students with universities and foundations of public health through out the world. This cooperation model can be carried out with other universities and related branch in our countries.
-   Develop activity of cooperating with other universities in the world in enrolling and training for Vietnamese students in Vietnam and abroad.
-   Develop inter-countries programs in order to intensify changing experience and knowledge.
-   Strive to build international training centre in foreign language( in English, and French) with the form of short – time course, researching and practicing  program, especially post graduate program(master and doctor). First, this activity can be carried out by associating with experienced international universities in the world in order to train lecturers, unify and standardize textbooks and teaching methods, then gradually conduct enrolling and teaching Vietnamese students and foreign students independently. This is the task that Ministry of Health has assigned our university to implement in the next years.
-  Continue to carry out service activities to raise income of our university through international cooperation.

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